princess pic 4

This is a 2 hour party.

This includes Free invites as shown below, 2 Princesses who pamper the children, paint nails & apply glitter make up. The princesses do entertain the children through pampering, dancing and doing party games such as musical bumps etc. and also by talking to the children in a princess way, sprinkling fairy dust and asking them to make wishes. We also have a dress up box with daft glasses, feather boas hats etc that they can dress up with and we can do a photo booth type idea so you have lots of fab photos. After the birthday girl has had her hair done our princess will present her with her tiara and put it on for her. We also have lovely princess music and kids party music for them to dance to.

We do not provide food however we do include juice and some sweetie nibbles, We have found bringing party food boxes already prepared at home (we do not have the facilities to prepare food) is the best way to go, we can also source these boxes for you at an additional charge. If you would like a cake, please bring one along and our princesses will light the candles and start the singing of happy birthday.

The Minimum amount of children for party is 8 & maximum is 12-15 the ideal number for creating the perfect atmosphere is 12. The price is £15 a head.

If you would like party bags making up please let us know in advance and we can do this for an additional charge.

You are very welcome to come to visit and have a look around xxx