The healthier alternative to nail care.

About bio sculpture gel

Non chip nail polish, no fumes, no dust, no odour. Bio sculpture is very natural looking and lasts from 3 to 6 weeks, it contains a protein which helps to encourage your nail to grow fast and strong without damage. The protective gel covering helps to maintain the length of the natural nail which may have broken without the gel.

"Nothing could chip or break my nails after this manicure. Applied in gel form, you actually have fake nails painted on top of your own, they looked so natural. After the gel was applied I put hands under a UV light for 2 minutes, they were dry even before I had left the salon, so no smudging! I was advised by the technician at Shona’s that a special solution is needed to dissolve the gel so when the time comes to remove it I should book in to have it done professionally so not to damage my nails. I don’t think I will be having them removed for a while yet they are so fantastic so I have booked my next appointment to have them re-touched. I love my nails and the experience at Shona’s Nail Studio was the best ever! If you want long-lasting nails, this is for you."
Liz - Scarborough 10/10

Bio sculpture gel can also be applied to the toe nails for a long lasting polish without chipping.

The gel comes in natural, french or a choice of over 50 colours to suit your mood.

Feet are cleansed, cuticles shaped and the executive base, a simple nail protector, is painted on. The Bio Sculpture Gel is painted across the nail then it is set under a UV lamp for two minutes. This procedure is quick and the colour does not chip or flake.

"Amazing! My feet feel fantastic and my toe nails look amazing with my Bio toes application at  Shona’s all ready for my hols, thanx girls see you again soon"
Gillian - Seamer 9/10


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