YUKO exclusive straightening system - Sleek Straight Hair Becomes a Reality for Almost Anyone!

In the quest for the perfect sleek, poker straight hair that is all the rage right now, people go to great lengths and still end up with kinks. Flat irons, anti-frizz serums, gels, and blow dryer vents: none of them can guarantee that you leave the house stick straight. Face it; someone would need three arms to style their own hair perfectly straight and about three more hours in the morning to get ready. Now there is hope.

We offer the exclusive Yuko system of hair straightening, the internationally known Japanese system of hair straightening that you have probably already heard about. Esteemed stylist Yuko Yamashita founded the Yuko system in Kyoto eighteen years ago. The Yuko trained stylists at Shona’s are in high demand as it is a specialist service and we are one of only a few in Yorkshire to offer  this unique service. We have been performing the Yuko Method successfully for many years with only the best results.

The treatment offers you straight hair lasting anywhere from six to nine months. Hair that grows faster requires more frequent attention as does hair with a naturally tight curl or short hair. After the treatment styling is so much easier. Hair dries straight or with only very subtle wave on its own without styling. Sleek, glass-like straight hair can be accomplished with minimal styling effort.


We require you to have a consultation for Yuko straightening before making an appointment, due to  the cost of the treatment being dependant on your hair length and texture; therefore we can only quote you a price after a face to face consultation with one of our experienced stylists in the salon. During this consultation we would also make sure that Yuko is right for you, people with chemically treated hair cannot always have the service done as it could over-process your hair. Unfortunately, Yuko straightening does not work on Afro hair types and Yuko is not recommended for pregnant women.

During the consultation we will perform a skin test to make sure you are not allergic to the product. You must wait 48 hours after having the skin test to have the Yuko Straightening done. A Yuko Straightening appointment can last up to six hours, so be prepared to clear your day for the appointment. Although, we can guarantee you'll have fun with us and leave with poker straight hair.


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